General Rules




The swimming year runs from the beginning of March until the end of February the next year and consists of Winter Season (March to August inclusive) and Summer Season (September to February inclusive).


The closing time of entries for each swim night is 7:30pm or at the discretion of the Race Committee. Form stroke swimming is permitted in all events. Random lanes shall be allocated by the Handicapper for all events. A member may nominate for both the sprint races each night, e.g. 25 and 50 metre events, but can nominate for only one (1) of the distance races, e.g. a 100 or 200 or 400 metre event.




For all handicap races held, a varying "blow time" shall be applied to these races. The race distances and applicable blow times are as follows:-


25 metres 0.5 seconds

50 metres 1.0 seconds

100 metres 2.0 seconds

200 metres 4.0 seconds

400 metres 8.0 seconds


A Monthly Point Score shall consist of not less than three (3) weeks and not more than four (4) weeks


Points allocated for events are:-

4 Points for 1st

3 points for 2nd

2 points for 3rd

1 point for all other swimmers


Swimmer(s) who are in breach of the set “blow time” for any race are not eligible to be awarded first place for that event nor the four competition points normally allocated but will be allocated the next level of points based on their placing.


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Or come down to the Cronulla Swim Complex any Tuesday Night before 7.30pm.